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  • 2021.9.17 刘僖 Neural responses to happy, fearful and angry faces of varying identities in 5- and 7-month-old infants

    2021.9.10 宋文辉 GIRAFFE: Representing Scenes as Compositional Generative Neural Feature Fields

    2021.9.10 荆昊男 Direct brain recordings identify hippocampal and cortical networks that distinguish successful versus failed episodic memory retrieval

    2021.8.31 桂亚伟 Deep learning for electroencephalogram (EEG)classification tasks a review

    2021.8.31 田紫薇 : [文件] : Early Top-Down Modulation in Visual Word Form Processing: Evidence From an Intracranial SEEG Study

    2021.8.24 卫晓洁 工作进展汇报

    2021.8.24 朱飞宇 组会汇报

    2021.8.17 李超 近期工作进展汇报

    2021.07.27 尹建福 工作小结

    2021.7.5 黄莹莹 基于深度学习的跨模态检索

    2021.7 王辉 工作汇报

    2021.6.28 朱光普 首发精神分裂症语言偏侧性减弱:一项近红外光谱技术研究

    2021.6.21 张黄叶敏 Working together to orient faster The combined effects of alerting and orienting networks on pupillary responses at 8 months of age

    2021.6.8 党若琛 SonoEyeNet阅读报告

    2021.6 张义鹏 HRNet系列解析

    2021.5.24 李奕儒组会汇报

    2021.5.18 卫晓洁 Infant Analgesia with a Combination of Breast Milk, Glucose, or Maternal Holding

    2021.5.7 卫晓洁 合肥市第一人民医院合作项目出差汇报

    2021.4.9 朱飞宇工作汇报

    2021.4.2 李超 RepVGG

    2021.3.26 殷劭康 一种基于注视内容和情绪判定的学习辅助装置

    2020.10 张义鹏

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